Portrait Commissions

Portraiture has a long and prestigious history and every great portrait is also a great work of art in itself.  I will work very closely with you to create a quality portrait that we will both be proud of.   A well crafted portrait immortalizes the sitter and is a treasure that will last for generations.  Portraits make an exciting and unique gift for all ocasions, from retirements to promotions.  Art work enhances the the look of any room and portraits add a traditional touch from the boardroom or office to the living room.   Generally the process starts with an initial meeting to discuss the size of the painting, how formal it will be, clothing, where it will hang and any other issues or concerns that you may have.  A minimum of three sittings of approximately 2-3 hours each are required (usually at my studio).  Occasionally photographs can be used instead if they are of high quality.  The entire proccess from initial meeting to the finished piece will take approximately a month depending on the sitters availability and schedule.